Registration procedure

  1. Teams who do not agree with the Terms and Conditions as listed below will be denied by the organisation and may not participate in the tournament.
  2. The minimum age for participation in the tournament is 18 years.
  3. To get allowance for participation of people younger than 18 years, communication with the organisation is required.
  4. The contact person of every team is responsible for the behaviour of his/her team.
  5. When entering the terrain, the age of participants will be verified. If participants can not provide legitimate identification, they can be denied entrance.


  1. The registration fee is €125,- per team and needs to be transferred before 11th of May 2024. Cash payment at the tournament is possible, when agreed upon beforehand by the organisation. In that case, the registration fee per team €135,-.
  2. Consumptions can only be paid for per tokens. Tokens are for sale at the tournament. No restitution is given on the tokens.
  3. When a team cancels within four weeks before the start of the tournament, the registration fee will not be paid back by the organisation.
  4. When the tournament is cancelled beyond the fault of the organisation, the registration fee will not be paid back.

Code of conduct

  1. Glassware is not permitted at the terrain. The organisation has the right to check for glassware when entering the terrain.
  2. Smoking is only allowed outside.
  3. No alcohol is given to minors. It is also not allowed for minors to bring alcohol or to consume alcohol on the grounds of Goffertbad. In case of violation, the organization will remove this participant from the terrain.
  4. Open fires and barbecues are forbidden on the whole site because of fire safety.
  5. Because we do not want to disturb the local residents, it is not allowed to cause noise nuisance at night.
  6. During the tournament everyone must adhere to the instructions of the security service, first aid and the organization. Failure to follow the instructions will result in removal from the terrain and exclusion from the tournament. The organization reserves the right to maintain this exclusion for upcoming editions.
  7. The KNZB rules are leading during the competitions. For cases not covered by the regulations, the Chief Referee decides.


  1. Persons who cause damage during the tournament will be held liable by the organization. The organization of Goffert tournament will recover the damage from the responsible person.
  2. Being on the Goffertbad grounds during the tournament is at your own risk. The organization can not be held liable in any way for theft, damage and / or loss of personal belongings of participants

Statement of approval

  1. By submitting the online registration form you declare to be in agreement with the General Terms and Conditions applicable to the Goffert tournament.