Gofferttoernooi 2023
26, 27 and 28 May



De Goffert, Goffertweg 22, 6532 AA Nijmegen
The 50 meter pool and the grounds around it.
The small pools remain accessible for visitors.
Toilets, warm douches, lockers and catering available.


Friday: camping opens around 19:00 and pre-drinks start at 20:00.
Saturday: first match-day, BBQ in the evening and a party afterwards.
Sunday: second match-day and award ceremony.

Sleep accommodations

It is possible to sleep on-site in your own tent from Friday 26 May 19h up until Sunday 28 May 15h.
Cars, campers and trailers are not allowed on the grounds.


We order our meat from the butcher.
Please give us an indication of the number of people that will join the BBQ when registering.
A limited number of additional coupons can be bought on Saturday.
The exact price is not known yet. It will be between 12€ and 14€.


The registration costs are 115,- This needs to be transferred before the 20 of May 2023. Payment at the tournament is possible. This costs 125,-. Please contact the commission to indicate that you will be paying during the weekend. You can register at this form.